January Monthly Special! | Lunchbox Special

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Free upgrade! Small Batch that Box with this month's special, Detroit Food Academy's Mitten Bites, for no extra charge! For more information on the Detroit Food Academy, and the great work they do, check out: www.detroitfoodacademy.com.


Chef Imani's Double Smoked Turkey (GF) (307 Cal, 36g Fat, 23g Protein)
Smoked turkey breast topped with shredded Swiss & cheddar, infused with cherry tomatoes, and tossed in a creamy ranch dressing on a fresh bed of romaine and spring mix greens

Val's Sweet & Spicy Thai Chicken (130 Cal, 2g Fat, 18g Protein)
Seasoned chicken breast, carrot, pepper, mushroom, and cherry tomato tossed in sweet & spicy Thai ginger dressing on a fresh bed of romaine and spring mix greens

Chicken Caesar Delight
Sliced chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, homemade focaccia croutons and parmesan cheese tossed in creamy Caesar dressing on a fresh bed of romaine & field greens

Jason’s Bleu Cheese Chicken & Walnut (396 Cal, 25g Fat, 30g Protein)
Sliced chicken breast and toasted walnuts topped with dried cranberries and bleu cheese crumbles, and tossed in balsamic vinaigrette on a fresh bed of romaine and spring mix greens

Noam's Bleu Cheese Cranberry & Walnut (V) (446 Cal, 35g Fat, 17g Protein)
Bleu cheese, toasted walnut, and dried cranberry tossed in our house-made balsamic dressing on  a fresh bed of romaine and spring mix greens

Alyssa's Fetalicious Greek Goddess (V, GF) (171 Cal, 30g Fat, 12g Protein)
Red peppers, banana peppers, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and kalamata olives topped with feta cheese and tossed in a creamy Greek dressing on a fresh bed of romaine and spring mix greens


Imani's Smoked Turkey & Honey Dijon (292 Cal, 22g Fat, 22g Protein)
Smoked turkey breast, tomato, and fresh romaine dipped in honey Dijon mustard and tucked inside a hearty whole wheat lavash

Aaron's Spicy Turkey Pepperjack (444 Calories, 23g Fat, 30g Protein)
Smoked turkey breast, mild peppers, pepperjack cheese, tomatoes, red onions, and romaine topped with a lite Tabasco Mayo and tucked inside a light fluffy lavash wrap

Zach's Original Chicken Caesar (432 Cal, 32g Fat, 42g Protein)
Seasoned chicken breast, tomato, red onion, and fresh romaine topped with creamy Caesar dressing and tucked inside a light fluffy lavash wrap

Val's Garlic & Herb Spicy Jerk Chicken (442 Cal, 23g Fat, 45g Protein)
Jamaican style chicken breast, tomato, red onion, and fresh romaine topped with a creamy garlic herb mayo and tucked inside a light fluffy garlic herb lavash

Marcus' Michigan Cherry Chicken (467 Cal, 27g Fat, 51g Protein)
Homemade Michigan cherry salad, diced chicken breast, sun-dried cherries, celery, red onions, green onions, tomato, and fresh romaine mixed with low-fat may and tucked inside a fluffy lavash

Noam's Spicy Feta & Hummus (V) (468 Cal, 22g Fat, 34g Protein)
Spinach, banana pepper, carrot, and feta coated in our house-made hummus and tucked inside a hearty whole wheat lavash

Ken's Mozzarella Pesto Kingpin (V) (486 Cal, 37g Fat, 26g Protein)
Fresh buffalo mozzarella, roasted red peppers, red onions, and tomato slices slathered with basil pesto and tucked inside a light fluffy garlic herb lavash wrap

Jake's Spicy Double Hummus (Vegan) (358 Cal, 7g Fat, 12g Protein)
Spinach, banana pepper, and carrot, coated in our house-made hummus and tucked inside a hearty whole wheat herb lavash

Amour De Quiches' Seasonal 6in Quiche (V) 
Broccoli, Onion, & Cheddar OR Spinach, Onion, Mushroom, & Goat Cheese.

** GF = Gluten Free; V = Vegetarian